ICE BOWL! Feb. 6th, 2016

Another year of disc golf has nearly ended and the holiday season has come and gone. Just because the holidays are gone doesn’t mean we should forget about giving to others. As part of the wonderful tradition of charity the PDGC and TinLid Disc Golf will be holding the annual Ice Bowl Disc Golf Tournament. Like last year we will be collecting money and food donations to support the Kawartha Food Share’s ongoing efforts to help those in need.

While the goal of raising cash and collecting food for the Kawartha Food Share remains the same there are some changes to the tournament this year. First the tournament will be held earlier in the winter, this year’s Ice Bowl is February 6th, 2016. Secondly, the Ice Bowl will be hosted at the TinLid Disc Golf Course in Keene. This is a fabulous piece of property which should offer a truly authentic Ice Bowl experience with it’s thick woods and open meadows. You might even want to bring your toboggan, there are some big hills. We’ll be putting down a custom tournament layout to help with the winter conditions. It’s going to be amazing.

We will again have a warm lunch included with your tournament fee and food donations, along with various snacks and coffee. This is private property so we may be able to have bonfires going to keep warm. The easy access to electricity, water, shelter, and dare I say a heated washroom is going to help make this year’s tournament better than ever.

As hosts, the PDGC and TinLid will be working hard to organize a great inaugural event at this new course. We always have a fabulous table of prizes donated from our club members and generous sponsors. Please sign up early so we can do our very best to plan for the event.

February 6th is only two weeks away!

The specific details of the day are to be finalized but it is safe to assume we:
will be starting early, registration starting around 8:30 am…
are playing two rounds of disc golf
are having a warm lunch around the fire in between,
doing some winter disc challenges for prizes weather and time permitting
awarding the winners and giving prizes to many,
collecting cash and money for a great cause while having a great time

Entry fee will be $20. Food donations are not required but are always welcome! We can take payment in advance, either at DieHard league or via PayPal. All levels of play are welcome. This is a fun and fundraising event first, a good excuse to play in disc golf in the snow second and a competition third.

Getting a sense of attendance numbers will really help us plan the day, lunch in particular. Please sign up either by confirming attendance through our Facebook event page, or using our tournament post found on Disc Golf Ontario.

Wrap it up

So that’s a wrap on the 2015 summer season. For those that were unable to attend the final round, Reggie threw a very solid 44 (-10) to take the card and win the title of league champ. It should be noted El Champo here had a very consistent summer, throwing an overall average of 48.5. Recording a total of 728 throws all season. In comparison, club overall average was 53.8, and we recorded a total of 19947 throws this year. Nice job keeping it under par everyone!

Now, just because the summer season is done that doesn’t mean we stop playing. I’d argue fall golf is the best. I’d like to suggest we schedule a weekly round Sundays at 10 am. The course played any given week can change. And I’m off duty for collecting any fees or keeping scores. As well, there’s been discussion of getting some glow rounds in while the weather is ideal. I’m currently waiting on some ordered disc LEDs so we can avoid losing our plastic. Hopefully they’ll be in next week. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks again to all those that came out to club this year. We’ve had some great success towards growing the sport in the area. Everyone’s participation in tags, prizes, donations, etc. really helped accomplish this great achievement. I’m continuing to work with the Zoo staff for the new sleeves, but progress is being made. I look forward to some great fall rounds at RV extended, TinLid, and Viamede.

Lastly, good luck to Clint, Karl, Brien, Adam, Reggie, Darrell, Jeff, Brad, Joel, Greg, and Broc, all headed to ODSA Provincial Championships this weekend. Smash some chains gentlemen.

The Final

finIt’s the final round tonight! I’m excited. We’ve got 4 great golfers going head to head and only one will be crowned PDGC league champ. This win certainly earning them the right to demand being referring to as ‘champ’, ‘the champ’, ‘el champo’, etc. Of course, we’ll still
have lots of fun on casual cards too. Perhaps some doubles or skins? We’ll see what the numbers say. Perhaps an extra CTP or LP will be added in too. I’m confident we can get a round in before sun down, however it will be a 6pm sharp start. SHARP. Whatever format we play, try to arrive early enough that I’m able to put some cards together in time for tee off. The end of the work day cannot come fast enough! Looking forward to see everyone tonight.

Playoffs Begin

Sounds like the final round of regular season was a great one. Sorry to miss it, but I had a great vacation with family. Hot 43 shot by Reg, next closest was 5 off that. Standings have been updated to reflect these last rounds. That gives us 22 players making the 9 round minimum cut. Here’s how first round playoffs is going to playout:

Top 2 players get a first week by. Reggie McGrath and Darrell Bankes, that’s you. As with all our other players, I still encourage you to come out for the round, there will be additional casual cards playing. Remaining spots break down as such, with the top 2 from each card moving on:

Card 1 – 3, 22, 12, 13
Card 2 – 4, 21, 11, 14
Card 3 – 5, 20, 10, 15
Card 4 – 6, 19, 9, 16
Card 5 – 7, 18, 8, 17

The following week we’ll have 12 players remaining and will play 4 cards of 3 (ranked) – winner of each card moves to final.

Final week we’ll have the top 4 remaining players battle it out.

I’ll have the first week’s cards printed and ready. We’ll be starting at 6 SHARP as daylight is quickly fading. If you’re late tourney rules apply (+4 per hole missed). In other words, don’t be late, and bring your A-game.