It came down to 4 golfers this past Tuesday and they battled it out to determine league champion.  After a slow start, Jarrod plowed through the back nine while Aaron, Brien and Adam were a little more slow and steady.  On the final tee pad Jarrod and Brien were tied at 6 under par and Adam and Aaron were each at 7 under.  Adam’s drive on 18 skipped to within 35 feet of the basket and his putt hit the chains, fell to the rim and rested for a while before falling out.  Aaron threw a fantastic S-curve drive over the trees and came to rest within 10 feet of the basket solidifying 1st place and the league championship.  Way to go Clarkey!

Playoff Final Scores:

  1.  Aaron C.  46
  2.  Adam G. 47
  3.  Brien F. 48 *earns 3rd in a 2-hole playoff with Jarrod.
  4.  Jarrod C. 48

Weekly Winners:

  • Aaron’s drive on hole 18 not only won him the championship, he also takes home the Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP!
  • Rick won the mini ring of fire and earns himself an ET Seton Nuke

Attendance Acknowledgement:

A big congratulations to Brent, Adam, Brien and Darrell who all had perfect attendance this season and huge thanks to everyone who came out and made 2014 a memorable season for disc golf in Peterborough!

Despite the challenging “tornado Tuesdays” weather, it was a great summer for the PDGC with a bunch of new members and an increased participation in tournaments throughout the province.   The PDGC saw a record 13 golfers competing in the provincial finals and many strong finishes throughout the season.  Here are some of note:


  • Brien F – MA1 – 2nd place
  • Andrew M – MA2 1st place
  • Jeff J – MA2 3rd place

Shootout at Bronte Creek:

  • Clint B – MA1 – 1st place
  • Adam G – MA1 – 2nd place

The Victoria Day Melee:

  • Adam G – MA1 – 3rd place
  • Eric C – MA2 – 2nd place
  • Greg J – MA2 – 3rd place
  • Chris M – MA2 – 4th place

11th Annual Black Fly Fling:

  • Clint B – MA1 – 2nd place
  • Greg J – MA2 – 1st place

Summer Solstice V:

  • Aaron C – MA1 – 2nd place
  • Clint B – MA1 – 3rd place
  • Rick G – MA2 – 3rd place

Brampton Breezy Treez:

  • Clint B – MA1 – 2nd place
  • Greg J – MA2 – 2nd place

ODSA Provincial Finals:

  • Clint B – MA1 – 2nd place

If you’re interested in playing in tournaments check out the Ontario disc golf forum (DGO) and their tournament calender.  There are still lots of events scheduled for the fall season

…and be sure to follow the PDGC’s Facebook page:

Thanks again for a great 2014 disc golf season PDGC!

Week 18 CTP



The playoffs were down to 8 players Tuesday night with the top two from each card advancing.

Card winners were:

  • Aaron, 44
  • Jarrod 47
  • Brien 46
  • Adam 47 *Adam won in a 2-hole playoff against Alan, that’s two playoffs in 2 weeks for Adam who just squeaks into the championship round

Be sure to come support the final 4 as they battle it out next week for the league championship.  Regular prizes and CTPs will continue …and quite possibly there will be a mini ring of fire!

Weekly Winners and an Ace!:

  • Jake parked his drive on hole 17 to take home the Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP.  Jake’s winning lots these days!
  • Broc won the first of two magical tosses to win a Sandbagger t-shirt, Paragon sticker and Gateway mini
  • Jeremy took home the honours in the second magical toss.  Jeremy wins a Dante’s Burritos $10 gift certificate, Legacy sticker and bracelet
  • Clint threw an ace, earning himself the weekly $50 ace pot.

The ODSA Provincial Championships were held this past weekend and the PDGC had 13 players competing.  Darrell lit it up in MA2 taking home 3rd place against a tough field of 37 competitors.  In MA1 Clint finished in a 4-way tie for 2nd place among 22 competitors.  Way to go guys!

Week 17 CTP

Chris M. made a very generous announcement Tuesday as follows:Thanks again to Peterborough Disc golf best league in Canada! If you didn’t make it out last night and get a free Aces Heating disc and mini no worries just let me know next week or if you see me out on the course and I’ll hook you up.”

Aces Heating Discs

Two important upcoming events:

Ryan G. will be hosting an end of year BBQ and disc exchange.  All the important details can be found on the Facebook event page: and make sure you’re following the PDGC on Facebook to stay up to date with all the important and not so important announcements:

Lastly, anyone who would be interested in improving their game (who wouldn’t be?) should consider checking out the Discmania Deep in the Game clinic being held at E.T. Seton in Toronto Thursday September 11th.  The cost is $40 and you get a free disc on top of learning from two of the top touring pros in the world.  Check it out here:


20 players qualified for the playoffs and were divided into 5 foursomes.   With 17 of 18 baskets moved Tuesday night the course was set for a high-stakes battle on the shorts layout.   The top scoring player from each card advanced in the playoffs.

Card winners were:

  • Clint, 43
  • Aaron, 44
  • Darrel, 45
  • Brien, 47
  • Adam, 48*  won in playoff against Greg who also shot 48

Additionally the top 3 scoring players who did not win their card advanced.

  • Chris, 46
  • Alan, 47
  • Jarrod, 48* won in playoff against Greg who also shot 48

Next week will see the remaining 8 players divided into two foursomes based on league standings, with the top two scores from each foursome advancing to the final!

Card 1:  Adam, Chris, Brien, Alan

Card 2: Darrel, Clint, Aaron, Jarrod

Weekly Winners:

  • Brien impressed with his backhand yet again, winning his second Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP
  • Clint won the first of two magical tosses, taking home a $10 Sam’s Place gift certificate, Legacy sticker, Paragon sticker and a Discfunctional Disc Golf shirt donated by PDGC member Tim Young.  Thanks Tim!
  • Jeff won the battle of the Banshees on the second magical toss, Jeff wins an Etobicoke Disc Golf (EDGE) shirt and Legacy bracelet.

This weekend is the ODSA Provincial Championships and the PDGC will have 13 players competing.  Best of luck to everyone hitting the road for Port Colborne!  You can follow the results here:

Week 16 CTP


The final night of regular season league saw more thunderstorms threaten play, a regular theme this year.  The thunderstorms held off but the rain did not.

Weekly Winners:

  • Darrell’s drive was close enough to win the weekly Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP
  • Jake threw an absolutely amazing shot to park the first of two magical tosses of the night,  Jake parked his drive from tee 2 to the practice basket, he’s getting better every week!  Jake wins an Innova Pro Orc and a Legacy sticker
  • Broc’s drive was a little off the mark on the second magical toss (from the practice basket to hole 1) but a friendly tree knocked it to within 15 feet of the basket.  Broc won an LDD tuque and Discraft sticker.

PDGC Playoffs 2014

The PDGC Playoffs are back! Three rounds of match style play at the end of August to determine the PDGC playoff winners. 20 players recorded 8 scores or more to earn a spot in the playoffs.  Seeds will be based on the Summer league standings (still to be confirmed).

*CTPs and prizes will continue throughout playoffs, as will regular play for those who did not qualify.

August 19th – Quarter Finals – Top player from each card advances plus the top 3 scoring players who did not win their card (20 –> 8 players)
August 26th – Semi Finals – Top 2 from each card advance (8 –> 4 players)
September 2nd – Finals

Playoff Flow Chart

Good luck to all the LDD members competing in the Flatts Classic in St Thomas this weekend!

AND REMEMBER…. Qualified players have until midnight this Friday to register for the ODSA Provincial Championships being held next week in Port Colborne.

Week 15 CTP