The final night of regular season league saw more thunderstorms threaten play, a regular theme this year.  The thunderstorms held off but the rain did not.

Weekly Winners:

  • Darrell’s drive was close enough to win the weekly Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP
  • Jake threw an absolutely amazing shot to park the first of two magical tosses of the night,  Jake parked his drive from tee 2 to the practice basket, he’s getting better every week!  Jake wins an Innova Pro Orc and a Legacy sticker
  • Broc’s drive was a little off the mark on the second magical toss (from the practice basket to hole 1) but a friendly tree knocked it to within 15 feet of the basket.  Broc won an LDD tuque and Discraft sticker.

PDGC Playoffs 2014

The PDGC Playoffs are back! Three rounds of match style play at the end of August to determine the PDGC playoff winners. 20 players recorded 8 scores or more to earn a spot in the playoffs.  Seeds will be based on the Summer league standings (still to be confirmed).

*CTPs and prizes will continue throughout playoffs, as will regular play for those who did not qualify.

August 19th – Quarter Finals – Top player from each card advances plus the top 3 scoring players who did not win their card (20 –> 8 players)
August 26th – Semi Finals – Top 2 from each card advance (8 –> 4 players)
September 2nd – Finals

Playoff Flow Chart

Good luck to all the LDD members competing in the Flatts Classic in St Thomas this weekend!

AND REMEMBER…. Qualified players have until midnight this Friday to register for the ODSA Provincial Championships being held next week in Port Colborne.

Week 15 CTP


Once again thunderstorms threatened league night this week.  Fortunately the weather held off and 20 players were able to record a score in the second last week of regular season play.

Some hot scores:

  • Karl F and Adam G both notched 7 under par, 47s
  • Clint birdied 13 of 18 holes (including 6 in a row) to finish 10 under par, 44 on the night!

Weekly Winners:

  • Alan parked his drive nicely on hole 14 to take home the weekly Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP
  • Darrell had his disc pulled from the members draw pile to win a legacy bracelet, Paragon sticker and $10 Sam`s Place gift certificate
  • Brien F won the magical toss to earn himself a VC Ultimate dry fit shirt, Glide sticker and drink koozie

Only 1 week remaining to record a score towards playoffs.  You must be a paid PDGC member and have recorded 8 scores to qualify for the playoffs.  Regular play and weekly prizes will continue for those who do not qualify.

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Players who have earned entry to the ODSA Provincial Championships being held August 23, 24 at Whisky Run in Port Colborne have only 9 days remaining to register.

Information and registration:
PDGA Event:

The LDD will be on the road again August 16, 17 for the ODSA Gold Series Flatt’s Classic in St Thomas.  This is the last opportunity to qualify for the 2014 ODSA Provincial Finals and sure to be a great tournament.

Information and registration:,1981.0.html
PDGA Event:

Week 14 CTP


Golden Ticket Night was held on week 13 of league and the battle for the few remaining tickets was fierce.  Chris M secured the first of three tickets by shooting the best average 8 league scores (2nd) and best average 3 scores (4th).  The second ticket went to the player who shot the lowest score of the night.  Darrell B won with a very impressive 10 under par, 44 to earn ticket number two!  The third ticket went down to a 3-hole playoff between Jarrod, Ryan, Terry and Reggie.  Reggie birdied all three holes to wrap up the third and final ticket!  Congratulations to Chris, Darrell and Reggie on earning your place at the ODSA Provincial Championships later in August!  That brings the total to 14 players who will be representing the PDGC at provincials this year, way to go!

Some hot scores and an Ace!:

  • Adam G shot a 9 under, 45 and Darrell B took home the honours for the best round of the night at -10, 44!
  • Terry D sailed an anhyzer shot through the cedar forest, hole 12, just clearing the sawed off stump and coming to rest nicely in the basket.  Terry earns himself the weekly $50 ace pot, nice shot Terry!

Weekly Winners:

  • Matt S parked his drive on hole 13, taking home the Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP
  • New PDGC member Brad C threw a tight shot on the magical CTP to earn himself a Hairy Harvest Gateway Element, Paragon Sticker, Glide Sticker and Discfunctional Disc Golf drink koozie!

Only two weeks of regular league left before the playoffs and 16 players have now recorded 8 scores towards a playoff berth.  Be sure to get your 8 rounds in to qualify!  For those who don’t qualify, league will still continue with prizes and CTPs as usual.

Anyone considering playing the PDGA ‘A’ tier 2014 Toronto Island Maple Leaf is strongly encouraged to register soon!  Last time I looked there were 47 players already signed up including some of the best pros in the world.  Don’t miss your opportunity to play this fantastic event.  You must be a current PDGA member to register for an ‘A’ tier event.  If you can’t play, come watch some of the best tackle one of Canada’s most challenging and beautiful courses!

PDGA Event:

Website and Registration:

Week 13 CTP


It was a great night for some golf with 29 players present.  14 players have now recorded 8 rounds towards their playoff berth averages.

Some hot scores:

  • Reggie is getting ready for Golden Ticket Night with some hot shooting lately.  Reggie shot an 8 under – 46, keep it up next week Reggie and you’re going to the Provincials!
  • Clint shot his hottest round of the season, locking in a 10 under 44, nice shooting Clint!

Weekly Winners:

  • Ole sticky disc Shane was the lucky winner of the weekly members prize draw (yet again!).  Shane earned himself a Buzzy Chains disc golf towel and a $10 Sam’s Place gift certificate.
  • Tim W put his drive closest in the cedar forest, hole 12 to take home the weekly Double Trouble Brewing Co. CTP
  • Ryan G won the ring of fire, winning a Discraft Rattler putter, Paragon sticker and Legacy bracelet.

The LDD were in action this past week at the ODSA gold series Breezy Treez in Brampton.  In MA2 Greg J had a huge Sunday shooting 928 and 924 rated rounds to leap into a second place finish.  In MA1 Clint B played solidly all weekend and earned himself a second place finish and $130 worth of merch.  Brien F and Adam G shot very impressive 980 and 985 rated rounds!  Also shooting hot this weekend was Karl F who played the Throwdown at Chicopee.  Karl placed third in the merch pool, earning himself $65 to spend at Chicopee.  Nice shooting guys!

League week 13 will be the infamous Golden Ticket Night!  Passes to the Provincials will be awarded to three PDGC members based on best average, lowest score of the night and a playoff elimination that will see those interested competing against each other, with the winner of each card advancing to a 3-hole playoff (or more) until the winner is determined.  Be sure to attend for your chance to join the 11 PDGC members who have already qualified for the ODSA Provincial Championships in August at Whisky Run in Port Colborne!

Week 12 CTP