Into The Woods

*********** NO LEAGUE AT RIVERVIEW THIS WEEK **********

In case you missed the announcement last week, the zoo is setting up for the Water Festival this week so the course will unavailable on Tuesday. Don’t worry though, we’re still getting out. We’ll be heading up to Viamede to take a beating in the woods. I’d wager we still want to be teeing off near 6 at the latest if we want to get out of there before dark, so please try to get there by then. We caViameden likely get some car pool rides heading out from RV or wherever groups organize to meet. Wohoo, Viamede!

Game On!

May is here and that means the start of summer league. We have a fresh Ace pot to start, after I emptied it last week. Bam! I’ve checked the weather and it’s looking just fine. I’ve also got a fresh spreadsheet to start keeping track of player’s weekly scores. Those will come into play later in the season. We’ve got some hot players coming back from a weekend at Christie Lake, so mind your upshots.

Finally, I had a good idea suggested to me last week. For those yet to purchase one of our club’s highly prized tags, I will accept payment via EMT and get that tag to you asap. If you’re local, next league night. If non-locals want to support the club I’ll gladly mail one off to you. EMTs should be directed to $40.

Looking forward to it.

Oh…Also, remember to sign-up for your ODSA insurance (see the pinned post on Facebook group). Covers your tourny ODSA fee, and good for other stuff.

Last Week of Spring Training

IT’S TUESDAY! I’m also excited because it is really nice outside and it’s staying that way all day. We also hosted an awesome tournament this past weekend. It’s also our last weray-of-sunshine-charity-logo--1397482005ek of spring warmup; last week to get your game ready for the season to come. A combo of a lot of great things. With that combo I’m expecting we’ll have some good numbers tonight. Considering that, please come early enough that we have time to get your name on a card and have everyone teeing off by 6.

Of course, tags will be present for purchase ($40). We’ll start having some prizes available solely to tag-holding members once the season starts, so grab a tag and get in on the fun. Double-trouble Brewing did the PDGC another amazing favour, donating delicious brews to be won throughout the season. Many of our favourite downtown businesses will also be helping out with prize contributions throughout the summer. It’s not like we needed another reason other than disc golf to get out to Riverview, but it sure does help!

Enjoy the sun. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

No April Showers Here Please

Another weekend flys by…Thankfully that means disc golf league tomorrow! With the great weather last week we had fantastic numbers out to play, with 22 showing up. 22! At least 3 or 4 were new members, which is fantastic to see so early in the season. Forecast is calling for a chance of rain, so come prepared. This game is always fun as long as you’re warm and dry.