Playoffs Begin

Sounds like the final round of regular season was a great one. Sorry to miss it, but I had a great vacation with family. Hot 43 shot by Reg, next closest was 5 off that. Standings have been updated to reflect these last rounds. That gives us 22 players making the 9 round minimum cut. Here’s how first round playoffs is going to playout:

Top 2 players get a first week by. Reggie McGrath and Darrell Bankes, that’s you. As with all our other players, I still encourage you to come out for the round, there will be additional casual cards playing. Remaining spots break down as such, with the top 2 from each card moving on:

Card 1 – 3, 22, 12, 13
Card 2 – 4, 21, 11, 14
Card 3 – 5, 20, 10, 15
Card 4 – 6, 19, 9, 16
Card 5 – 7, 18, 8, 17

The following week we’ll have 12 players remaining and will play 4 cards of 3 (ranked) – winner of each card moves to final.

Final week we’ll have the top 4 remaining players battle it out.

I’ll have the first week’s cards printed and ready. We’ll be starting at 6 SHARP as daylight is quickly fading. If you’re late tourney rules apply (+4 per hole missed). In other words, don’t be late, and bring your A-game.

Get your tickets!

This coming Tuesday we will be giving out two tickets to qualify for the provincial final tournament. In order to compete for these spots you need to be able and interested in attending that weekend. Provincial finals are being held Sept. 12-13 in Ettyville (near Ottawa). Entrance fee isn’t cheap at $100, so be sure you’re good for that if you’re going to play for a ticket. Depending on numbers, I’ll try to setup some cards for those interested to compete. Should be fun!

It’s Tuesday!

Time to break out your discs because it’s Tuesday! Remember we’re doing a regular round a Riverview. We’ll get to TinLid soon. I’ve been checking weather reports regularly. I’m not convinced we’ll actually get much if any rain; hoping for another repeat of last week where things looked bad and did nothing. I also don’t think anyone in this club is too sweet to not be able to handle a little rain.

Weekly scores are also up to date.

Into The Woods

*********** NO LEAGUE AT RIVERVIEW THIS WEEK **********

In case you missed the announcement last week, the zoo is setting up for the Water Festival this week so the course will unavailable on Tuesday. Don’t worry though, we’re still getting out. We’ll be heading up to Viamede to take a beating in the woods. I’d wager we still want to be teeing off near 6 at the latest if we want to get out of there before dark, so please try to get there by then. We caViameden likely get some car pool rides heading out from RV or wherever groups organize to meet. Wohoo, Viamede!