Playoffs Begin

Sounds like the final round of regular season was a great one. Sorry to miss it, but I had a great vacation with family. Hot 43 shot by Reg, next closest was 5 off that. Standings have been updated to reflect these last rounds. That gives us 22 players making the 9 round minimum cut. Here’s how first round playoffs is going to playout:

Top 2 players get a first week by. Reggie McGrath and Darrell Bankes, that’s you. As with all our other players, I still encourage you to come out for the round, there will be additional casual cards playing. Remaining spots break down as such, with the top 2 from each card moving on:

Card 1 – 3, 22, 12, 13
Card 2 – 4, 21, 11, 14
Card 3 – 5, 20, 10, 15
Card 4 – 6, 19, 9, 16
Card 5 – 7, 18, 8, 17

The following week we’ll have 12 players remaining and will play 4 cards of 3 (ranked) – winner of each card moves to final.

Final week we’ll have the top 4 remaining players battle it out.

I’ll have the first week’s cards printed and ready. We’ll be starting at 6 SHARP as daylight is quickly fading. If you’re late tourney rules apply (+4 per hole missed). In other words, don’t be late, and bring your A-game.