Wrap it up

So that’s a wrap on the 2015 summer season. For those that were unable to attend the final round, Reggie threw a very solid 44 (-10) to take the card and win the title of league champ. It should be noted El Champo here had a very consistent summer, throwing an overall average of 48.5. Recording a total of 728 throws all season. In comparison, club overall average was 53.8, and we recorded a total of 19947 throws this year. Nice job keeping it under par everyone!

Now, just because the summer season is done that doesn’t mean we stop playing. I’d argue fall golf is the best. I’d like to suggest we schedule a weekly round Sundays at 10 am. The course played any given week can change. And I’m off duty for collecting any fees or keeping scores. As well, there’s been discussion of getting some glow rounds in while the weather is ideal. I’m currently waiting on some ordered disc LEDs so we can avoid losing our plastic. Hopefully they’ll be in next week. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks again to all those that came out to club this year. We’ve had some great success towards growing the sport in the area. Everyone’s participation in tags, prizes, donations, etc. really helped accomplish this great achievement. I’m continuing to work with the Zoo staff for the new sleeves, but progress is being made. I look forward to some great fall rounds at RV extended, TinLid, and Viamede.

Lastly, good luck to Clint, Karl, Brien, Adam, Reggie, Darrell, Jeff, Brad, Joel, Greg, and Broc, all headed to ODSA Provincial Championships this weekend. Smash some chains gentlemen.