The PDGC was formed in May 2009 with hopes of expanding the current disc golf scene in Peterborough

The PDGC was created with certain principles and goals:

  • to promote Disc Golf through new course development, support/maintenance & upgrading of our current course
  • to actively promote inexpensive play
  • to host events intended to introduce new players to the sport of Disc Golf
  • to support organized tournament play

As always, new members are welcome.  All skill levels are welcome. If you don’t have discs don’t worry- someone will always lend you one or two to try out. Keep an eye out for upcoming events listed here or at the course on the posts next to the tee pads.

2013 Membership

For the 2013 Disc Golf Season, the PDGC will be selling memberships for the price of $30. New to 2013 is mandatory ODSA registration ($8 included in membership)  Membership fees support PDGC events, community organizations and the improvement/development of the Riverview Disc Golf Course.

Your $30 membership gets you:

  • Club Bag Tag – stylish and a collectors item
  • Eligibility for the accumulated Weekly Ace Pool (without membership you only win that nights contribution), Weekly CTP awards and more.
  • Members discount at PDGC Tournaments and Events – tentative
  • Satisfaction of supporting the advancement of Disc Golf in Peterborough
  • Other things that we are working on at the moment – stay posted, or better yet come to a meeting and be part of the decision making process.
  • NOTE: ODSA Insurance is included for 2013 – Please go to the ODSA site and sign yourself up – “Membership paid by Club”

2013 Bag Tags

Photos coming soon….. below are the 2010 tags to give you the idea.

Competitive Tag Goal

Have the lowest numbered tag possible, through friendly competition with other PDGC members.

Competitive Bag Tag Rules

  1. You must have your bag tag present to participate in a challenge
  2. Any member with a higher bag tag number may challenge a member with a lower bag tag.  It can be a formal challenge by telephone, email, etc., or a casual challenge while at the course.
  3. If the challenger wins (lower score), then tags are exchanged immediately.
  4. A group challenge can occur in a round, with all members agreeing to the challenge.  At the end of the round, tags are redistributed based on scores.
  5. Members cannot deny the PDGC membership access to low numbered tags by intentionally “forgetting” the tag or other means.  PDGC members own all the tags and need access to all numbers

Wins and Ties

  • How do I win?
    You can decide that, but normally the golfer with the lowest score at the end of the round earns the lowest numbered tag of the group. You can decide to use a handicapped score, a CTP or other ideas to make it more fun.
  • When do I receive my new tag?
    Tags must be exchanged immediately after the end of the round.  You cannot participate in a challenge if you do not have your tag with you – makes sense right?
  • What if there is a tie?
    In the event of a tie, the member with the original lower tag number keeps the lower tag number.

What if I lose my Tag?

If you lose your tag, you will be responsible for a $5.00 replacement fee.  You will receive the next tag available in the series.