ICE BOWL! Feb. 6th, 2016

Another year of disc golf has nearly ended and the holiday season has come and gone. Just because the holidays are gone doesn’t mean we should forget about giving to others. As part of the wonderful tradition of charity the PDGC and TinLid Disc Golf will be holding the annual Ice Bowl Disc Golf Tournament. Like last … [Read more…]

Wrap it up

So that’s a wrap on the 2015 summer season. For those that were unable to attend the final round, Reggie threw a very solid 44 (-10) to take the card and win the title of league champ. It should be noted El Champo here had a very consistent summer, throwing an overall average of 48.5. … [Read more…]

Playoffs Begin

Sounds like the final round of regular season was a great one. Sorry to miss it, but I had a great vacation with family. Hot 43 shot by Reg, next closest was 5 off that. Standings have been updated to reflect these last rounds. That gives us 22 players making the 9 round minimum cut. … [Read more…]

Get your tickets!

This coming Tuesday we will be giving out two tickets to qualify for the provincial final tournament. In order to compete for these spots you need to be able and interested in attending that weekend. Provincial finals are being held Sept. 12-13 in Ettyville (near Ottawa). Entrance fee isn’t cheap at $100, so be sure … [Read more…]