2010 was a great season for the PDGC.  Spring Training, Bag Tags, Summer League, Otonabee Open, Fall Fun – what a great time disc golfing.  If you want to look back and see any of the results, prizes, and stats – all the links are on the right.

Spring Training 2010

April 27th, 2010 Driver Training

It rained, it snowed, and the wind it howled.  Not enough to stop Spring Training from taking place.  16 golfers braved the weather, with two new faces joining us this week.  No records broken tonight, at least not good ones with the wind reeking havoc on putts and drives.  The driver training contest was a Closest to the Pin on #16, which proved to be a difficult challenge for all tonight.  Special thanks to the Night Kitchen for the MVP award – Most Valuable Pizza.  Jeff had his name pulled from ye olde bag o’ names – He wins a $20 gift certificate!

Attendence: 16
Best Score: -1
Prize Winner: Phil V with an awesome CTP on #16 – He chose a FLX Surge

April 20th, 2010 Midrange Training

We had 18+ folks out tonight, once again with some new players trying out the sport.  Good job spreading the word Peterborough! The new Bag Tags came in, so they were up for exchanging tonight – thanks to Toldnes Woodcraft for these amazing tags.  Next week is Driver Training – win your choice of a couple different models.  Get out and join us before the league starts in May, and the Spring Handicap Tournament in May.

Attendence: 18+
Best Score: – 6
Prize Winner: Jen U with the Closest to the Pin on #4 – she won an Ice Bowl 2010 Roc

April 13th, 2010 Putter Training

Twenty folks were out with great golfing conditions, fantastic to have such good turnout.  Some familiar faces from last year made their 2010 debuts and even more new faces joined the throng. Despite the ideal conditions birdies were few and sub-par scores were hard come by.  The course is in great shape for Spring Training.  Next week is Midrange Training – your chance to win an Ice Bowl 2010 Roc, and remember each April session you participate in gets you another shot at The Night Kitchen “Most Valuable Pizza” prize.

Attendance: 20
Best Score: -6
Group Putt Prize: Sion (donated to Joe – second place winner and first timer!)

April 6th, 2010 Fun Training

Eleven folks made it out for a round, and lucky them it didn’t even rain.  There were some amazing putts and some personal bests recorded.  Fun was the spirit of the night, and the PDGC welcomed two new players.  Come on out April 13th for putter training.

Attendance: 11
Best Score: -5
Door Prize: ottO won a Flx Surge (will be donated back to the PDGC as a future prize)

PDGC Spring Training Roster


Name Handicap Apr-06 Apr-13 Apr-20 Apr-27 Best
ottO B -4 -3 -6 -6 -1 -6
Phil V -1 -5 0 1 0 -5
Cam T -1 0 -3 -3
James -1 -1 -2 -2
Gabe 0 -2 2 -2 1 -2
Mike B 1 -2 -2 5 -2
Karl F 3 -3 6 2 7 -3
Andrew 3 1 4 1
Eric R 3 3 3 3
Doug S 5 6 4 2 7 2
Sion H 5 2 9 2 6 2
Craig W 5 5 5
Wes G 6 6 3 5 7 3
Ryan G 6 4 3 9 3
Brent 7 7 7
Alex S 8 5 11 5
Jamie McD 8 9 6 6
Corey 9 7 11 7
Steve V 10 11 12 6 6
Jen U 10 DNF 8 8 14 8
Jeff 15 22 7 7
Peter 20 20 20
John 22 22 22
Joe 25 22 27 22
Ramona 34 34 34
Steve DNF 0
Participants 10 17 20 16 26

Summer League 2010

Final Points Based Standings

1. ottO B – 295
2. Andrew R – 278
3. Brent M – 277
Karl F – 277
5. Mike B – 261
6. Gabe H – 252
7. Steve V – 251
8. Sion H – 250
Phil V – 250
10. Darrell B – 241
11. Ryan G – 228
12. Aaron C – 216

Download the Points tally or the Overall Tally (includes Average and Scores) for the Entire Summmer

2010 PDGC Summer League Overall – (171 KB)

2010 PDGC Summer League Points – (185.2 KB)

Curious about any of this information? Let ottO know!

The “I’m There Every Night” Award

The Peterborough Disc Golf Club would like to congradulate Sion and Karl as the only PDGC members that made it out to every Tuesday night league, including Spring Training. Way to go!!!

PDGC Playoffs

ottO takes 2010 PDGC “double” edging out Gabe

If the PDGC starts making trophies, ottO B had better reinforce his shelving. In dramatic fashion featuring a nail-biting playoff hole, ottO snuck by Gabe to win the Summer Series 2010 playoff championship. Add that to his 2010 regular season title and ottO becomes the first double winner of the PDGC. A perfect three would include bag tag number one, currently held by Aaron- watch out! Scuba Steve edged out Karl to take the B final and Clint moved up to the number 2 tag shooting a sizzling minus seven. Although the 2010 season is over as far as hardware goes, the fun continues for the next four Tuesdays as the PDGC begins the Fall Fun series, which will feature different twists to the rounds to keep it interesting plus the usual CTP prizes and the always tempting Ace Race. Join us!

Fall Fun 2010

Now that the summer points league is over, lets play golf for fun.  Come on down for the fun themed nights, and your chance to win prizes too!  Your $2 entry gets you in for the Ace Challenge and for the nightly prize – it also supports Disc Golf in Peterborough.

September 21 – Ript Revenge Night

11 Golfers can out for the ridiculously fun round of Ript Revenge.  “Man, that was a great shot… try it again!”  Everyone had a great time, no matter how cruel the revenge was.  People must have been having so much that they lost track of the time, as the rounds finished up in the dark.  The PDGC welcomes Adam to the club, a Toronto boy in town for a few weeks.

Prize: Karl won a disc from the PDGC stocks for his CTP (closest to the pin) on Traveller Hole #2/#11

September 28 – Putter Night & Tag Shuffle

Name Score
Darrell -7
ottO B -4
Cam -4
Aaron C -1
Clint 0
Adam 1
Brent M 2
Doug S 3
Sion 4
Karl F 5
Steve V 8
Jen 10
Joe 18
Rob 28

 October 5 – 666 Doubles

The PDGC will be splitting up the crowd based on known average scores, then pairing up randomly.  A great fun way to play a round!

First 6 – Best disc
Middle 6 – Worst disc (as chosen by opponents)
Last 6 – Alternating disc

The 666 Doubles made for interesting golf rounds, and the random partner set up made for great matchups.

Team Score
Darrell & Adam -6
ottO & Karl -4
Mike & Brent -1
Cam & Jen 0
Steve & Joe 2
Aaron & Rob 5

 October 12 – Glowie Night (start time 7pm)

El Presidente sets glowing example

Armed with LED’s, watch batteries, glow sticks and flashights, the PDGC took the Riverview Disc Golf Course by storm last night as sixteen disc hurlers did their thing in the dark. The second annual Glowie Night was a resounding success with much thanks to ottO for gearing everyone up and Lakeview Bowling for kicking in some brilliant prizes. Clint “EL Presidente” was throwing with sparks flying and shot an incredible minus 6 to take top honours, a score many would be happy to throw in daylight! CTP’s went to Clint and Sion, who along with the other prize winners will be enjoying lots of bowling some time soon. Tuesday nights league gatherings have officially come to an end but great DG is to be had regularly as time runs out to climb the bag tag ladder. Check the forum to organize a tee time.

Name Score
Clint -6
Darrell -3
ottO B -3
Steve V -1
Aaron C 0
Doug S 0
Sion 1
Brent M 2
Mike B 3
Karl F 3
Gavin 5
Ryan 5
Rob 6
Chris S 7
Wes 7
Emily 13