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Welcome to Spring Training 2011

Laid back disc golf with fun training themes.  Every night you attend gets your name in the draw for the MVP – Most Valuable Pizza awarded monthly from Peterborough’s greatest pizza joint The Night Kitchen.

April 5th, 6pm – Fun Training

First Tuesday of the season – come on down for a fun round with great door prizes – $2 gets you in for prizes and the ever tantalizing Ace Race.  This week’s play is sponsored in part by Steam Whistle Brewery.  A bit of luck and you’ll bring some bubbly home with you! Everyone has a chance at prizes!!!!

April 12th, 6pm – Putter Training

World Champ Ken Climo (didn’t we see him at  Ice Bowl 2011?) says that putting is the most important part of the disc golf game.  Come practice your putts and have a fun night of disc golf – special format round that lets you practice your putts for the upcoming season. The Benevolent Stranger on Hunter Street is chipping in for prizes tonight.

April 19th, 6pm – Midrange Training

The Riverview course offers lots of midrange type shots.  Come try your hand at the Midrange contest and win great prizes.  Thanks to Bowen’s Appliance Repair for maintaining the weekly payouts!

April 26th, 6pm – Driver Training

Our newest sponsor, Cambium Environmental, is looking after tonight’s prizes, all purchased locally on their behalf. And there’s more! Disc Golf Driver, pizza delivery driver – they come together on the last Tuesday of the month for the MVP Award – The Night Kitchen Most Valuable Pizza. This one’s easy to win – just show up!  Every night you attend in April enters you into the draw.  Don’t forget your Twoonie.

 Summer 2011 Information

Final Results

  1. Aaron C – 354 Points
  2. Kyle R – 326
  3. Gabe H – 315
  4. Brent M – 306
  5. Steve V – 299
  6. ottO B – 281
  7. Ryan G – 277
  8. Spatch U – 271
  9. Curtis W – 266
  10. Darrell B – 247

For much more information, and the entire list – download the PDGC_Summer_2011 document

The 100% Attendance Award

Curtis W was the only PDGC member to attend all 18 weekds of the summer 2011 league – way to be dedicated!!

Carbon Kings

The PDGC cares about the environment, so this past season we introduced Carbon Points to league standings. Players received in addition to points based on their scores that week, Carbon Points, depending on their mode of transport to the park that evening. If you rode a bike, walked or were part of a carpool that had three or more persons an extra 2 points was awarded. Two in a car garnered an additional point, while driving alone meant zero bonus points. For it’s first year of experimentation the consensus was we made a difference, no matter how small. With 20 players out on an average week there were seldom more than 7 cars. Next year we’ll be better.

Carbon point Champ Spatch will be recognized soon for his ability to thumb a ride on a regular basis!

Here’s the top group:

  1. Spatch – 32 points (in 17 weeks)
  2. Curtis –  31 points (18 wks)
  3. Kyle – 30 points (17wks)
    Scuba (17wks)
    ottO (15 wks)
  4. Sion – 29 points
  5. Travis – 26 points
  6. Mike T – 25 points
  7. Gabe 24 points
  8. Mike B 22 points
  9. Chris S, Brien 20 points

The Sub-Zero Club

This season saw eight golfers post below par averages on their entire season!

  1. Aaron C – 49.53
  2. Gabe H – 50.25
  3. Clint – 51.64
  4. Darrell B – 51.71
  5. Kyle R – 51.94
  6. ottO B – 52.40
  7. Brent M – 53.24
  8. Steve V – 53.88


 August 16th, 2011

25 Folks out this evening to try out the new Cedar Forest Hole, with brand new basket, as well as the new Concrete tee pads on 6 of the holes. Amazing!  Otonabee Open this Saturday!

Scores and Points here – PDGC_Aug_16

August 9th, 2011

With only three weeks left in the summer points league, 24 golfers were out in spite of the rainy conditions.  Couple of new faces, and some personal best scores: -6 – nice Mike.  A group CTP on hole 4 also let Mike make 5 new friends with his Steam Whistle Prize pack.

Scores and Points here – PDGC_Aug_9

August 2nd, 2011

25 in attendance for a great night of disc golfing.  A tag shuffle saw people move up and down the ladder with some low scores shot.  Sion won the Steam Whistle Challenge on hole 9, just inching it away from Clint.  ottO won the door prize ($10 Bloodline Hair Parlour Gift card – donated to the Otonabee Open), and Aaron of DieHardDiscs donated a disc, which the top scores of the night shot on Hole 4 for – ottO took the prize.

Scores and Points here – PDGC_Aug_2

July 26th, 2011

Big night on the course at Riverview.  On his first throw of the night, Darrell drops his disc into Hole 9 – worth $100. Gabe wins the Steam Whistle Challenge after it switching back and forth with Aaron.  Sion wins a haircut from Bloodline with a close throw on Hole 3, and Darrell wins the July MVP $20 Night Kitchen prize. Wow, disc golf rules.

New Statistics available for each player

Scores and Points here – PDGC_July_26

July 19th, 2011

Well team, apparently a -7 is only good enough to tie for second!  Hot shooting by some of the PDGC members saw a -8 (Kyle – PB) and two -7′s (Aaron and Gabe) – all while having a fun time.  A large crowd of 19 made for lots of tag switches in the groups, and a few only a few discs testing the waters of the Otonabee River.  Don’t forget to register for the Otonabee Open on August 20th!

Scores and Points here – PDGC_July_19

July 12th, 2011

Words out – Tuesday night is PDGC League night! 22 golfers were out tonight to chuck plastic in the gusty wind.  Some didn’t mind and shot well below par scores, and only a few discs went for a swim.  Looks like the Karl Forbes Award has a few contenders this year. Keep playing those practice rounds for the Otonabee Open.

Scores and Points here – PDGC_July_12

July 5th, 2011

After a little vacation time on the river, the chief PDGC statistician is back in action.  Stats are updated, let him know if there are any problems with the last three weeks.

Great turnout – some personal bests, near personal bests, and return of some familiar faces of yesteryear.  New baskets are here, soon to be installed!  Disc Golf in Peterborough – its going on.

Scores and Points here – PDGC_July_5

June 14th, 2011

Best turnout to date in 2011!  20 golfers were out in the great weather and light winds for some great disc golf action.  The Cedar Forest was in action again, and only a few brave souls took a swim in the river.  A tag shuffle for those who wanted it left some higher and some lower.  Marcus E joined the PDGC for the first time this season and shot a PB, and won the Steam Whistle Challenge – awesome.  Great job Peterborough on the high Carbon Points tonight as well!

Scores and Points here – PDGC_June_14

June 7th, 2011

The weather was hot and so was the golf! 17 people were out in the heat with everyone recording 2 carbon points! Disc Golfers trying to keep it cool, way to go.  Ryan G won the Steam Whistle Challenge, just taking it from Kyle R on hole 7/16.  Doug and Dylan were randomly selected by the randomizer, with Doug throwing a closest to the pin from the “clubhouse” to pin #3 – he chose a $10 Planet Bakery gift card as his prize.

Scores and Points here – PDGC_June_7

May 31st, 2011

Scores and Points here – PDGC_May_31

May 17th, 2011

Score and Points here – PDGC_May_17

May 10th, 2011

Another great turnout and the race is heating up early for the competitive league players. Scuba threw an Ace on Hole 2 to take the $100 Ace Pot while Ryan took home two prizes by snuggling up to the traveler basket on Hole 4 and winning the new Random Electronically Selected Door Prize. Carbon Points are already becoming a factor in the early standings so remember folks to try and organize a car pool and reduce your environmental impact and win extra points.

Scores and Points here – PDGC_May_10

May 3rd, 2011

Inspite of the rain there was a great showing Peterborough for the first night of the PDGC summer series.  Mike B was the lucky winner tonight, winning both the door prize and the Steam Whistle Challenge – a CTP on hole 2/11.

See everyone next Tuesday!!!

Scores and Points Here – PDGC_May_3

League Information

The PDGC Summer 2011 League starts May 3rd, 2011.  Competitive players can vie for the weekly points series.  Recreational players can just come out and have fun.  Everyone is eligible for the prizes (with your $2 entry), and the Ace Pool is always up for grabs ($100 for PDGC members, $1 x the crowd for none members).

Here’s the recreational breakdown:

– Come and have fun
– No OB’s – don’t make it hard for yourself when you are learning
– Have a go at the Steam Whistle Prize
– Have a chance at a door prize, normally a $10 gift card from a local business

Here’s the competitive breakdown

– Come and have fun
– Pads and pathways count as OB
– Best score on the night receives 20 points.  2nd best score 19, and so on
– Carbon points – 2 for non-car or full car (4 people), 1 for 2 or more in car, 0 for single driver
– No show – no points, sorry
– Have a go at the Steam Whistle Prize
– Have a chance at a door prize, normally a $10 gift card from a local business

Fall Fun 2011

September 20th, 2011 –  And then there were four

The two rounds of the playoffs are through, and well, Mr. Karl appears to be the new Top Seed.  A personal best at -8 put him well ahead of the pack at -14.  Clint shot a great -6 to put himself in the second spot.  3 of 4 of the top card made it in, with ottO and Spatch fighting the Bogey Man to make it through to the top four.
Name Sept 13th Sept 20th Total +/-
*Karl F 48 46 94 -14
*Clint 51 48 99 -9
*ottO B 49 51 100 -8
*Spatch U 49 53 102 -6
Darrell B 51 52 103 -5
Ryan G 56 49 105 -3
Gabe H 52 54 106 -2
Brent M 56 51 107 -1
Phil V 54 54 108 0
Chris S 55 53 108 0
Travis R 57 51 108 0
Mike B 56 54 110 2
Curtis W 58 54 112 4
Doug S 58 55 113 5
Steve V 61 54 115 7
Sion H 56 60 116 8

September 13th, 2011

First round of the “sweet sixteen” came with a windy night.  It looked like Mother Nature was pairing up with the Bogey Man, but there were still some well below par rounds shot.  Shorter days required shorter rounds, so no extra Cedar Forest – 18 holes = 54 par.

September 6th, 2011

The largest Tuesday night turnout yet – 27 folks down at Riverview Disc Golf Club for the start of the PDGC playoffs.  All got to see Karl Forbes receive $100 for an ace on hole 6, his first throw of the night!

Only the top 16 (or 17) PDGC members move forward to the next stage – a two round tally.  The format tonight included new baskets on Holes 1, 2, 4, 9, and the Forest Hole.  Amazing scores on the 20 holes were seen, with many personal best scores recorded. The list below shows the scores and ranks – remember – 20 holes = par 60. (* still in playoffs)

Name Score Rank
*Darrell B 50 1
*Aaron C 52 2
*Travis R 52 3
*ottO B 53 4
*Clint 54 5
*Curtis W 54 6
*Karl F 55 7
Matt 56
*Brent M 58 8
*Ryan G 58 9
Peter 59
*Phil V 59 10
*Spatch U 60 11
*Mike B 61 12
*Gabe H 62 13
*Sion H 62 14
*Chris S 63 15
*Doug S 63 16
*Steve V 63 17